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  • Please read our Accepted Items List so that you don't waste time bringing items we can't accept.

  • Clean items inside and out.

  • Hang clothes on hangers with the top of the hanger forming a "question mark".

  • Sizes 0-12 months must be a full outfit.

  • Attach shoes securely together (zip ties work great).​


  • All items in your inventory must be marked "DISCOUNT" except large items such as baby equipment.  If you choose not to discount these items you must have Jennifer sign the tag at drop off to alert shoppers the item is full price. Failure to follow these rules will result in a fee.

  • Please print your tags on PALE YELLOW card stock if you are picking up unsold items after the sale and WHITE if you are donating your unsold items.

  • Attach your tags to the right side of the garment in a seam.  DO NOT PUT A HOLE IN THE ITEM where it can be seen. 

  • We highly suggest using a tagging gun to attach your tags. However, you may also use safety pins.  Either way tag in a spot that will not leave a hole in the item.


  • If you want your unsold items back after the sale, you can schedule a pickup appointment in your consignor account for Sunday. You will be able to view your final sales around 2:15 pm.   Some consignors chose to bring their “unsold items inventory list” with you to pick up.  If your items are not marked donate AND you fail to pick up your items by 3:30 pm you will be charged a $25 fee UNLESS you email us by 2:30 pm: WITH your name & consignor ID.

  • Expect to spend at least 1 hour picking up your items.   Any items not picked up by the designated cut-off time will automatically become the property of Mothertime Marketplace and be donated to charity. 

  • Donate and skip the pick-up process: If you do not want to bother with the pick-up process, you can mark your items for donation in our system and all of your unsold items will automatically be donated to charity.

  • Disclaimer: Consignors are 100% responsible for bringing in items in perfect working order and containing ALL parts/pieces.  At any time an item may be removed from the sale floor for not following these criteria.  If a shopper returns an item during the sale for being unsatisfied, their money will be refunded and the sale of the item will be deducted from your account.


  • Our minimum price on any item is $2.50.

  • All items MUST be marked "checked to discount" when you are entering your inventory.  We discount ALL items left unsold on Sunday in order to maximize your earnings and minimize the amount of inventory left over. The only exception to this rule is baby equipment/nursery furniture. If you choose not to discount these items you MUST highlight and circle the NO REDUCE part of your tag so that the shoppers will know it is not half off.

  • All inventory MUST be entered by midnight on Monday the week of the sale.  No exception!

  • See the PRICE GUIDELINES chart below to help you with pricing.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 10.40_edited.j
Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 10.43_edited.j
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