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Drop Off Procedures

All items that are being dropped off at Mothertime Marketplace must be:

  • Entered into our inventory system

  • Clean

  • Season appropriate

  • Tagged with our price tags

  • On hangers with the hook forming a question mark

  • Pre-sorted by gender and size (please do not use rubber bands to group sizes, rubber bands can only be used for bundling one item #)

  • With working batteries when needed

We offer two options for drop-off:


1.  DROP & GO

Perfect for busy people!  No waiting!!  This option is available on ONE CONDITION: you must mark all of your items "donate & discount" in our system. (you can do this with a click of a button).  This means that we will sort through your items at our convenience during drop-off hours and if any items are not acceptable we will automatically donate them to charity. This option also saves you from having to come and pick up your items at the end of the sale!  YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH MANAGEMENT BEFORE YOU DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS.


You can select a specific day & and time to drop off your items by logging into your consignor homepage and selecting a drop-off appointment.  You will choose a day and time slot that is available. Consignors must arrive at their scheduled drop-off time with their items organized by size and gender and wait while their items are reviewed.  Plan on 30-45 minutes for this option. YOU MUST CHECK IN WITH MANAGEMENT BEFORE YOU DROP OFF YOUR ITEMS.

**IMPORTANT:  We ask that you do not schedule a drop-off appointment during your tribe shift.  We need tribe members to be working during that time.  Please schedule your drop-off at least 30 minutes before you are scheduled to volunteer or directly after.

* Power Sellers are consignors with a sell-through rate of 75% or higher from the previous sale. If you are a Power Seller you can take advantage of Express Check-In.


Express Check-In allows you to check in at the front door and then immediately put your items on the sales floor skipping the inspection process.  Power Sellers can bring up to 350 items.


Rules: if caught putting items out that are not accepted, or are placed in the wrong spot, you will be removed from Power Seller status.

Consign With Us

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