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What Can I Sell At
Mothertime Marketplace?

We do not want you to waste time tagging and pricing items that will not be accepted at check-in.


  • ALL items must be marked REDUCE in inventory for our half-off sale on Sunday except for large baby equipment/furniture. If you have these items and do not want them reduced circle and highlight the "NO REDUCE" on your tags.

  • ALL items must be entered into our inventory system, priced, and tagged with our tags printed on card stock by midnight the Monday before we open. Note: please use light-colored card stock if you are NOT DONATING your unsold items to help you locate them quickly.  White card stock for donated items only.

  • All items must have a Mothertime price tag securely attached via a tagging gun or tape.  Please do not put holes in garments, place your tags in the seams of clothing (armpit or side seam).

  • Each consignor is allowed a total of 200 items per sale. If you sell at least 75% of your items you will be bumped to Power Seller status the following sale and will be allowed to bring up to 350 items!


The category limits are listed below:    



  • Limit: 120 hanging items. 5 Coats.

  • Sizes infant to juniors.  Must be like new with no stains, dirt, pet hair, bad smells, or bally fabric.

  • Sizes 0-12 months must be full outfits, no individual pieces. (no limit on clothing 0-12 months).

  • Clothing must be hung on hangers making a (?) at the top (hanger should face the left)

  • Juniors Clothing: Limit: 20.  For these sizes we do not accept any items from Walmart or Target unless they are brand new with tags.

  • We only accept socks and underwear if they are brand new in the packaging.

  • Fall/Winter clothing for Fall Sale: no summer items accepted

  • Spring/Summer clothing for Spring Sale: no winter items accepted

  • Not Accepted: Maternity, women's and men's clothes. 



  • Baby equipment & and furniture that is thoroughly clean with all needed parts. Working batteries if needed.  Examples:  strollers, cribs (2012 or newer & no drop sides), crib mattresses, bassinets, high chairs, exersaucers, walkers, outdoor toys, pack & plays, infant bathtubs, bikes, wagons, toddler beds, changing tables, gliders, bookshelves, toy chests, desks, chairs, twin beds, bunk beds.

   Not Accepted:

  • Breast pumps.  Cribs with drop sides.

  • Car seats or booster seats older than 4 years.  Consignors must enter the manufacture date on the price tag in the description field. Please use this Car Seat Safety Checklist to find out if the model you’re consigning is still safe.

  • We do not accept baby equipment that is older than 15 years.


  • Must be free of dirt, and in working condition.  Must contain all necessary parts & and batteries if needed.

  • Loose parts are placed in a zip lock bag, sealed with packing tape & and securely attached to the toy. 

  • Puzzles must be wooden or brand new in the box never opened.

  • Legos that are not in the box must have a photo or instruction guide.

  • Not Accepted: Stuffed animals or pillow pets.  Toys more than 15 years old. Cardboard puzzles that are not brand new in the box.  Toys from fast-food chains.  Porcelain dolls.



  • Limit 8 per consignor.  Only LIKE-NEW shoes for appropriate seasons. Shoes must be securely attached as a pair.  Zip ties work great for this.

  • Not Accepted: Shoes with dirt on them.


  • Limit 3.  Brand new blankets or towels with tags only and hung on a hanger.  

  • Not Accepted: No crib or comforter sets, handmade blankets or non-breathable bumper pads.


  • Belts, hair accessories, hats, sunglasses, etc.



  • Must be in great condition, and “knock-offs” must be labeled accordingly.



  • Limit: 15 children's books and 5 adult books.  Like New. Groups of books must be securely tied together, with no zip lock bags.

  • Not Accepted: Cookbooks.  Books with torn pages or covers.



  • Limit 10. Any home decor bought new within 10 years including holiday. 

  • Not Accepted: Picture frames. Outdated decor.



  • We accept hunting clothes, hunting gear, sports apparel, grilling accessories, and sign

  • Not Accepted: We do not accept regular men's clothing.

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