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Consignor Information

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Consign With Us!

You can test out our sale & and sell up to 50 items for FREE! Just email us your name, address, email & and phone # and we will get you set up!


Mothertime Marketplace is the largest consignment sale in Western New York.  We are not a shop.  We hold our sales each March and September at the Hamburg Fairgrounds in Hamburg, NY.


As a consignor of Mothertime we will sell your items for you and incur all of the advertising fees!  You simply register with us to receive a consignor ID.  Once this is issued you can log into our system, enter your items, price them, and then print tags attached to each item.  


Our computerized inventory system will print a barcode on each of your tags.  This enables us to keep track of each item that you sell.  You will retain 55% of your earnings, 70% if you join the MM Tribe for at least one shift during our event.


During the week of our sale, we will have the available drop-off times.  Once you drop off your items you are not required to come back unless 1) you are part of the MM Tribe or 2) you choose to pick up any unsold items instead of letting us donate them to charity.


Consigning with Mothertime Marketplace is simple!  No more wasting an entire weekend on a yard sale.  We will get your items in front of thousands of shoppers for you AND you will get paid within 2 weeks via the Paypal email you use when you register.

IMPORTANT: We ask that all consignors read through the following pages BEFORE they begin:

Accepted Items

How to prep, price and tag items.

How to drop off your items.



Receive an extra 5% of your sales when you refer 2 NEW consignors that register for the first time. Consignors MUST enter your name as a referral when they register or you WILL NOT be credited for the referral.



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